Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Scarf

I love it when we meet up with Grace - at last, someone to talk knitting with.  We made up for lost time this weekend and got up-to-date with each others current works-in-progess.

Grace has been to two craft fairs lately, Yarndale and one in Bakewell.  She seems to have bought herself a lot of lovely yarn.  And being a wonderful daughter she even got some for me!

She picked up for me some RYC Natural Silk Aran that was going cheap - pink of course.

I couldn't resist starting something new with it straight away.  So I cast on for a Louisa Harding scarf.

The pattern is called Cosimo and it's a lovely freebie.  You can see details of the pattern on Ravelry, here.

The pattern requires some concentration - it's relatively easy to follow but very difficult to memorize.  After seventeen repeats of the pattern I still hadn't manage to commit it to memory and had to refer to the pattern.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to knit and it grew really quickly.

And here is my finished scarf.

The yarn has a lovely drape and it's very soft and warm.

It's a very pretty scarf and I'm looking forward to wearing it.  You can see details of my scarf on Ravelry, here.


  1. Impressive, a real delight. I love the pattern.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful pattern! The color works wonderfully with it, too. =)

  3. Such a lovely gentle shade of pink.


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