Tuesday 3 November 2015

My New Favourite Thing

If you are of a certain age and in the U.K., you may remember a children's programme called Vision On that ran from 1964 to 1976.

It was an art programme designed for the deaf, so it was very visual.  Tony Hart was one of the presenters and I loved the amazing pictures he produced and the way he made creating them look so easy.

Anyway, I think I've discovered a modern day equivalent - mixed media collage videos on YouTube!  I'm enjoying watching the fabulous designs created by numerous talented artists, who make it look so easy.

Like the television programme, Vision On, many of the videos have a musical soundtrack rather than a spoken commentary, so they can be watched with the volume on mute - handy when you have one eye on the sport on the television!

One of my favourite artists (there are so many, I have plenty more yet to discover) is Gabrielle Pollacco.  Here's just a small sample of her work.

Isn't it amazing?  I particularly love the Steampunk journal cover.  The videos showing how these are made are very addictive, it's easy to see why I'm not meeting my targets (please see previous post!).

Anyway, I just had to have a go at creating my own mixed media canvas.  I chose as my theme BLOSSOM.  Here's my effort.

I basically threw everything I had at it and tried to incorporate all the techniques I'd seen in the videos. I don't have all the fancy paints, stencils and other notions that are used in the videos, but it was good to make use of what I did have to hand.

What fun.  It grew by itself and, for a first attempt, I'm really pleased with the results.

I can't wait to try another one soon.  I'm so glad I've discovered these videos - I suppose when you look, there's just about a video for everything on YouTube.


  1. I think your Blossom make is fab. I dare not watch any videos, I have so many things in my head already...

  2. Oh that could get seriously addictive. x


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