Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lucky Me

I've never won anything from other people's giveaways, mind you, I don't really enter that many.  So it was a wonderful surprise to find out I had won the giveaway organised by Ginny at Ginx Craft.

In the post today I received this lovely package.

And inside were these beautiful knitted hearts (my favourite shape) with snowflakes embroidered on them.

The blue yarn has a lovely metallic thread in it so the hearts have a bit of a sparkle.

Our Christmas tree will be going up shortly and I look forward to hanging these up.

Thank you, Ginny for your lovely gift.


  1. Congratulations, they will look lovely on your tree. Enjoy them.

  2. So glad they arrived safely. Very strange seeing the little package I wrapped on your blog.

  3. Congratulations for winning these beauties!

  4. Hey! :)
    I'm Wiktoria, and I'm from Poland. Although my english isn't good, I really love to read this blog c;


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