Monday 27 October 2014

A Lovely Birthday Weekend

Have you had a good weekend?  I hope so.  It was my husband's birthday on Friday so we've had a lovely time celebrating.

Yummy chocolate cake and delicious banana loaf - no better way to celebrate than to eat cake!

Grace came to stay for the weekend. She had been working in Manchester so it was easier for her to visit us than for us to travel to Sheffield.  We had a great evening on Friday, a meal and a drink in the local pub.

On Saturday morning we had a Skype with Eve.  Not quite the same as the four of us being together, but the next best thing.

Saturday afternoon we drove the few miles north to Formby and had a walk to the beach through the pine woods and the sand hills.

It's amazing how, just a few miles up the coast, the shoreline is so different.  I love the way the beach at Formby suddenly appears between the sand hills and jumps out at you shouting "Surprise!".

The weather across Liverpool Bay over in Wales doesn't look as pleasant as ours - although it was rather cold and windy for us.

We had a little diversion with the outdoor gym equipment - who can resist a play?

I think I would have looked more committed if I'd taken my backpack off!

After that bracing walk, what shall we do next? - time to go home for more cake of course!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, great celebrations. As you know we were celebrating my Dads 80th Birthday.


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