Saturday 10 May 2014

The Recycled Basket

My Mum gave me an old basket - she knows I can't resist baskets (and boxes and tins!).  This basket had originally held a plant arrangement.  It had a thick waterproof liner and still held the traces of some of the soil.   It also had plenty of potential.

So I removed the waterproof liner, stripped of the ribbon, unpicked the handle and gave it a scrub.

Then I took out my crochet hook a pile of yarn and set to work - and here is the new, recycled, re-loved basket.

It has a little scalloped edging that is worked around the basket itself and so it is held snugly in place.

Just perfect for storing one of my many projects!


  1. what a transformation, looks so much better now with the revamp x

  2. Very pretty and very clever. I love baskets too. xox

  3. So cheery and practical too. Love it.

  4. Lovely idea, now I know what to do with some of my baskets


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