Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Finally a New Knitted Cardigan

I seem to have been crocheting, embroidering and everything else other than knitting lately.  I haven't felt inspired to start a new knitted cardigan for ages - it's so unlike me.

I bought some Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK wool recently, a lovely pale blue - an early birthday treat for myself.

Now, finally I've found a pattern I want to knit.

The pattern is called Braid Hills and it's by Kate Davies.

Some very easy cabling and lots of plain stocking stitch.

It's going well and I'm enjoying the pattern.  Let's hope I can keep up my enthusiasm.


  1. Goodness this looks complicated, if you can pull it off which im sure you can its going to look fab.I like the colour blue your using too x

  2. Precious! really your style.

  3. Very sophisticated cable pattern - should look great:)

  4. Hi, I love your blog, is beauty, I love the colors, I love your crochet, visit my blog too,hugs from Brazil.


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