Wednesday, 19 February 2014

After the Storm

With all this stormy weather, I haven't had much of a chance to get down to the beach.  A lull in the wind and rain at the weekend, finally gave me a chance for a stroll - although it's still quite windy and cold.

Just in case you're not aware -
these are the Iron Men - not real people!

I saw two bouquets of white roses that had been washed up - I wonder what the story behind them was.

The sand dunes have been severely eroded along the promenade - where has all the sand blown to?  A lot of it is on our windows!

I love looking for "treasure" on the beach and I wasn't disappointed.  Being a sandy beach we have lots of cockle shells and razor shells.  Occasionally you can find a nice whelk shell, like this one I found last year.

After the storm I was excited to find this enormous one.

It seems far too exotic to be on our humble beach, but it definitely deserves the title of "treasure" as far as I'm concerned.

I also picked up some bits of driftwood.

Not very exciting you say.  Well just take a look at what I did with my driftwood.

Inspiration came from Pinterest and it was great fun crocheting the sail to fit the little boat.

I'll have to get back down to beach and see what else I can find - all this treasure, I feel so wealthy!


  1. i love the crochet sail! brilliant idea!

  2. Love finding things on the beach can find some marvellous things,your shells are fab.The bronze statue are really cool, at first I thought it was a naked bloke ha ha !!

  3. What a lovely crochet sail for your driftwood boat.

  4. Pretty treasures! And adorable driftwood boat!

  5. Great photos. Some of them have a very eerie quality. It is a bit worrying to think that so much of the dunes have gone. We found whelk shells in north Devon last spring, but only on one stretch of beach, and none as big as that!

  6. I love the sail boat. Looks like I need to plan a trip to the beach at the weekend.


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