Thursday 29 November 2012

At Last - The Twelve Knits of Christmas

No longer just 9 - I have finally managed to finish all 12 of the Knits of Christmas!

This feels like a major achievement - I had reached the point where the project had become a real chore. But I couldn't just give up - whose ever heard of the 10 1/2 knits of Christmas! So I persevered, and now I feel a sense of calm and satisfaction.

So here are the final 3 Knits of Christmas.

The leaping lord....

The piper....

And the drummer....

Put them all together with the 9 knits completed last Christmas and they do look quite impressive.  Sorry about the picture quality but the light was fading and I was determined to get them finished and photographed today.

I think that's finished me off for Christmas knitting this year - I need a good old cardigan pattern to relax with.


  1. Fantastic, Cheers to your perseverance! I am waiting for this book to arrive, you have inspired me to make these cuties also.....and yes, it may take me two years to complete! ;o)

  2. wonderfull,, well done, I would want to keep them on display all year round

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