Monday, 26 March 2012

Belated Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday was last Sunday - but as it clashed with Eve's 18th birthday we postponed it until yesterday (I wouldn't want to miss out!).

Grace and Eve gave me some lovely presents, including this month's edition of Mollie Makes.

The free gift on the front was a kit to make a crocheted rose.  The kit included the cotton yarn, a crochet hook and a badge pin.  I couldn't resist making it straight away.

The girls also gave me a drawing Eve had done of the two of them when they were little.

What a wonderful gift, I'll have to get a frame for it and hang it somewhere special.  I'm so lucky to have such thoughtful - and creative, daughters.

In the evening we went to the cinema.  We have been wanting to see the film 'The Artist' for ages.

Our local cinema is run as a charity and doesn't have digital projectors - so can only show 35mm reel versions.  We like to support our local cinema so I got in touch with them back in January to see if they would be showing 'The Artist'.  Unfortunately the film company weren't releasing the 35mm versions of the film until after the Oscars so our cinema wouldn't be getting it until March (seems unfair).

Anyway we decided to wait, rather than go and see the film at one of the larger commercial cinemas - and finally our patience was rewarded.  It was definitely worth the wait.  We loved it.

The film was funny, sad and very cleverly done - all in black and white and silent.  No wonder it won all those Oscars.

We love our local cinema - it's run by volunteers and very reasonably priced - but it was sad and slightly embarrassing to see that we were the only three people there last night!

It was a wonderful Mothering Sunday - I'm counting my blessings - because I seem to have more than I deserve.

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  1. I are quite lucky. Your girls are very kind, creative, and talented. You did a wonderful job of raising them.


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