Friday, 6 January 2012

Putting Christmas Away

I was all excited yesterday - because I thought it was the day all the Christmas decorations came down.  I started taking them down but when I was told it I was a day early I had to stop - so I defrosted the freezer instead!

Don't get me wrong - as you know I love Christmas - but once New Year has passed, the decorations start to look tired and it's time to move on.  More importantly - I want my table back!  When the tree goes up, my table has to move out to make room for it.  I miss my table - my "work station" - the place where I am organised. 

But today it is back. 

So it's goodbye tree (see you in 11 months time)...

And welcome back table...

With Eve's 18th birthday rapidly approaching - I need my table more than ever to make sure I have everything organised for the big event!

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  1. Ah! Someone else who takes down the Christmas decorations on the Feast of the Epiphany -- or the 12th Day of Christmas -- or the Feast of 3 Kings. :)


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