Wednesday, 8 June 2011

No Motivation!

It may seem as though all is quiet on the knitting front but I do have a project on the go at the moment.  Unfortunately it isn't for me.  I'm knitting a sweater for my DH - I rashly suggested I knit him something but as always I am now regretting the offer. 

Firstly I find it difficult to motivate myself if the finished article isn't for me - basically I'm a selfish knitter. 

Secondly, my DH usually finds something wrong with anything I knit him - too big, too short, too long etc etc.  This time I decided to customise a sweater for him rather than using a purchased pattern.  So I'm having to write a pattern for this sweater as I go along. 

Thirdly, obviously men's sweaters are bigger than women's - so take longer to do. 

Here's a peak at the work in progress. 

I have today forced myself to sit and finish the front.  I'm trying to whip up some enthusiasm by planning an interesting cardi I can start when this sweater is finished.  What a martyr I am!!


  1. It does look impressive and it's growing faster than my knitting :D

    Soldier on!

  2. The color and pattern seems goo. Can't wait to see the finished version.

  3. I agree - if DH complained about my knitting for him, I wouldn't do it anymore! maybe yours would stop complaining if you told him that?:))be selfish!!


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