Thursday, 19 August 2010

Inception and a Cat for Maddy

Last night, the three of us, Grace, Eve and I went to the pictures to see Inception.

It was brilliant - I could have watched it all over again straight away - what an adrenalin rush it was. The plot was so clever and the action was non-stop - can't wait for the DVD to come out - that's one that is definitely on our must-have list.

Prior to the trip to the cinema I had a crocheting day. It's Eve's friend Maddy's birthday today, so I made a cute little kitten for her.
She is adorable - I'm sure Maddy will be wowed by her.
The pattern is called Gumball the Kitten by Samantha J. Montgomery and is available for free.


  1. Lovely kitten - I'm sure your friend's friend will adore it!

  2. I am determined to make a few of these lovely kittens as soon as I find time amongst all my other projects :D


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