Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day and all that

We don't usually do anything special for Valentine's Day - it's all a bit too commercial. This year though I decided to make cards for the three loves of my life.

It's amazing what you can do with some ribbon, red paper and bits and bobs.
I spent Valentine's Day afternoon freezing, sitting watching a football (soccer) match - Everton Ladies won 2-1. If it hadn't been so cold I would have actually enjoyed the match - there weren't many spectators but it was a good friendly atmosphere.

I'm desperately trying to get Rona finished this week - by enthusiasm is still lacking - I don't like leaving a project even if I'm not loving it - I feel as though I'm cheating if I do. I should have it finished by the end of the week, then I can concentrate on more fun projects - that's what's keeping me motivated.

I have been naughty again and bought another Louisa Harding pattern book. This one's called Venezia - Felice Mai Dopo. Here are the patterns I'm currently drooling over.

This wrap is called Luna.

This one is my favourite, it's called Maddalena.

This little cardi is called Sofia.

It is however a busy time of the year for me. My birthday is coming up next month and I like to make lots of surprise things for the day. I tend to get so involved planning and making things for my birthday that I sometimes forget that it's Eve's birthday soon after. This year I started planning early so that I don't forget her - so goodies are also being made for her - but don't tell her - it's a secret.

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