Wednesday 28 October 2015

New Hamsters and a Knitting Round Up

The previous weekend, we were on our travels again, this time to Sheffield to see Grace.  She has just got two new dwarf hamsters, girls this time, and we were very excited to see them (we were excited to see Grace as well!)

They're very shy at the moment but hopefully will settle in their new home very soon.

It was good to spend time with Grace, knitting and chatting about knitting (my husband's attention is lost as soon as I mention the word knitting!)

Here's a round up of some of my finished projects.  I mentioned last week that I had finished a shawl, so here it is.

The pattern is called The Love of a Pirate and I really enjoyed knitting it.

For full details of the pattern and yarn, please look on my Ravelry project page, here.

I've also knitted up another mini sweater.

It's great fun making these sweaters - the plan is to make bunting with them, but I'll need quite a few more yet.

I've also crocheted another bag using my Handy Dandy Sock Yarn Bag pattern.

I love the colours in this one.

I'm hoping, this week, to get the purple cardigan I'm currently working on finished.  It's 4 ply so slow going, but I feel as though the end is in sight.  So, at last, I feel as though I'm getting on top of things.  I hope you are all having a productive week.


  1. Your shawl is beautiful!!! I really like the colours in the yarn too, the shawl shows them off well doesn't it. xx

    1. Thanks Amy, I agree the colours do show up well in the shawl. I have yarn leftover from this project so I'm going to make some socks with it.

  2. The shawl is jaw dropping gorgeous!!!!


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