Thursday 15 October 2015

Lost Days

Not sure if I fell a sleep and missed a few days, but I can't believe how fast October is flying by - the 15th - ALREADY!  So much to do, so little time - as always.

Anyway today I thought I had better show you what I've been working on, before October runs away completely.

I have two finished objects.  The first is this cute crocheted bear.

He doesn't have a name yet, so any suggestions would be welcome.

I made him using a variation on my Tutti Frutti Bears pattern.  I should write up the pattern, and one day I will, but you know how it is!

The second finished object, is a pair of socks.  My October socks were made using the Thuja pattern by Bobby Ziegler.

I love the colours in this yarn, so scrumptious.  I thought about trying to match the colour pattern in the two socks, but the repeat was so long, I didn't bother.  When I've got my boots on, no one will see!

You can see full details of this project over on my Ravelry page, here.

With the trip down to Tewkesbury, I had plenty of knitting time in the car.  I'm still working on the purple cardigan I was knitting in the car when we went to St Asaph and Rhyl.  I decided about half way up the body section, I didn't like the pattern after all.  So I ripped it back to the ribbing and with a little adjustment, changed to my Edith pattern.  I wear this cardigan so much that I thought it would be good to have it in another colourway.

So I'm now back, half way up the body section, but I'm feeling a lot happier with it now.

Embroidery, my quilt and of course the decorating, are also keeping me busy.  In fact, I blame the decorating for the loss of so many days in October.  I need to sort out a new carpet now and some fabric to make curtains - then it's curtains to the decorating, for the time being.


  1. Get half way up the back and rip it out ! Just like me. No point going further is there ? I really like the Edith pattern that you have changed to. The colours too. I have a basic pattern that I know fits. Then I just alter the colours or the edging to make it look different.

  2. Glad to see that you are enjoying getting back to all things yarny in such a great way!!! xx

  3. Love the bear, he has such a great face. I am always in awe of socks, matching or otherwise, you have such a talent. Take care.

  4. The socks are rocking! Love your bear (and the crochet he is sitting on, and behind). I don't know why, but I am hearing the name Albert.

    1. Albert - I like it - I did think something old fashioned would be suitable.

  5. Gosh you make me dizzy you have so much going on, the bear is very cute and your socks are great I love the colours. How about Barney the bear he looks like a Barney to me. :)

  6. Wow you have jumped right back into knitting with such speed. I love all that you have made or are making.


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