Tuesday 12 May 2015

Fixed It!

So yesterday, I thought my dress was finished.  I'd hung it up in the wardrobe, waiting for the warm, sunny weather to arrive.

I had mentioned that although I liked the sleeves, they were rather tight and they restricted movement.  Even so as far as I was concerned that was that.

But then Caz suggested I rip out the sleeves and bind the armholes.  Why didn't I think of that?  This is after all an experimental dress.  My hubby was of the opinion I'd ruin it if I start messing around with it, but, no, I thought to myself, I'll definitely do something about the sleeves.

I knew that if I put it to one side I would never get round to altering the dress and then it would probably go unworn, what a waste.

So, I was a woman of action this morning.  Sleeves ripped out, armholes bound and what do you know, the dress fits perfectly.

No restriction in movement now.  In fact, I had previously said that I thought the waist was a little tight - not any more - it feels very comfortable.  I'm so glad I made the adjustment because now I know that for the next dress, I shouldn't alter the waist in any way.  It's a pity to lose the sleeves but no point keeping them if they aren't comfortable.

This whole bed sheet dress project has been so worth while.  And a big thank you to Caz for her suggestion.  It made me realise that I shouldn't view the dress as complete until I was absolutely happy with it.


  1. How good is that!!! Well done for having a go at it, I think you are right to have done it because if you wouldn't wear it you had nothing to lose did you! Look how it has worked out too!! Excellent!! It looked lovely yesterday, and lovely again today! xx

  2. Well done Janet, looks great ! Whats more you will wear it now.Glad to help. It was a good idea to make the " test dress" first. You can always put sleeves in your next dress, now you know to cut them a bit bigger. After all a pattern is just a guide isn't it. Think I will use your idea( with a white sheet I have) to make a test blouse, before cutting into my Liberty Tana Lawn fabric...which I'd been putting off. ha ha.

  3. Well done you, I actually prefer it without sleeves x

  4. Janet it looked amazing yesterday and equally as good today but of course its comfort that matters. I am just so impressed that you made it from a sheet.

  5. It looks absolutely perfect on you.

  6. It looks even better without the sleeves! You have so many lovely cardies and shrugs- there may already be one you can wear with the dress when it is too chilly for sleeveless. Very inspiring! I LOVE your blog.


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