Saturday, 16 May 2015

Another Update on Sophie

I'm going to be so upset when the Sophie's Universe CAL comes to an end later this month.  It has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable projects I have done.  And it has certainly brought down the size of my stashed yarn.

Here are the four parts I have completed since I last shared my progress with you.

Part 13.

Part 14.

Part 15.

Part 16.

I have two more parts to complete and then the blanket is basically finished.  The designer of the blanket, Dedri Uys, over the next few weeks will be giving options for making the blanket rectangular (if desired), adding an edging and adding some surface crochet.  I'm looking forward to seeing her suggestions.  I can't bear the thought that Sophie will soon be all done.

Having worked on this project, it's made me think a bit more adventurously about my own crochet.  I've been experimenting with some ideas.  At this time they are very much at the trial stage, but hopefully I'll have something exciting to share with you shortly.

Until then, bye for now, have fun.


  1. Wow - this one just keeps on giving - stunning.x

  2. thanks for the info Janet. Went to see Madding Crowd and really enjoyed it. Didn't know the story or characters, not read the book either.My Mum remembered about the sheep going over the cliff...from the 1967 film.ha ha. 89 but nothing wrong with her memory!

  3. This project is so beautiful. Never seen a blanket like it.

  4. Its certainly a great project, I am excited to seeing all those beautiful squares together.

  5. As a still non-crochetter I find this amazing. The best bit for me are the four pink flowers at each side. It does seem that you can do much more interesting things with crochet than knitting.


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