Monday, 30 July 2012

My Olympic Challenge

It's not yet lunch time and we've already watched swimming, rowing and table tennis - wow, I'm exhausted.

For my Olympic challenge, I will be doing something that requires stamina; speed is also of the essence but combined with precision; and determination is probably the key factor.

My challenge is to finish as many knitting and crochet projects as possible WITHOUT STARTING SOMETHING NEW!!!!!  The emphasis here is obviously on the "not starting anything new".  I have seven projects started, all of a significant size and whilst there is so much temptation out there, lots of lovely patterns, I will stay in the zone - stay focused.

So firstly, I am taking the opportunity of Eve being away at a music festival this weekend to work on her crochet blanket.  I think she believes that I have been ignoring her blanket in favour of cardigans - and she would be correct!

She left for the Lake District Thursday lunchtime - Thursday afternoon, take stock of what's been done already.  Only 70 of the 192 squares completed - pitiful!

I'm using a pattern called Never Fading Flower for the motif - available as a free Ravelry download, here, with a combination of four different colours for the flowers.

I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted on Friday and this is how it looked first thing Saturday morning.

Another day of sprinting on Saturday with motifs flying off the hook.  What is the World record for motifs crocheted in one day? - I may be in contention.  By Sunday lunchtime this is how it was looking.

Eve has just phoned to say they have packed up and are in the car park but its gridlock to get out.  It'll be a few more hours until she gets home with her mud encrusted clothes etc.  Here's how the blanket is looking now.

37 squares to go - I'll add a few more after lunch (there's a danger the primrose coloured yarn is about to run out, so I may have to revise my tactics until I can buy more).  She'll be so impressed.  The end is in sight- a great feeling - but this is an endurance event, so six other projects to tackle yet.  Definitely on target for gold!


  1. Wow you have made a lot of progress - puts pressure on me to finish the bunting for Eve now :P x

  2. That's going to be a gorgeous blanket.

  3. Your the first person I've heard say that their Olympic goal is to finish projects. I think most are either trying to do a start to finish or a single large need to finish project. Or I could be full of it lol but your goal just sounds different =)

    The progress on that blanket is impressive!!! Keep up that momentum and you'll totally finish your projects!

    Your rocking it!

  4. I'm impressed! Nice progress. And I love the motif. Adorable!

  5. What a wonderful post. I liked seeing the blanket in it's various poses.. I think you should be on a podium with someone playing the anthem.!

  6. Cute athlete-themed post. I've spent some time this morning looking at your free patterns, thanks :)


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