Monday, 16 January 2012

Sneaky Peek

It's 10 days since I last published a post - doesn't time fly when you are completely distracted!  I've been fiddling around and researching more of my family tree - it is so addictive. 

Obviously I'm still making - knitting and crocheting as usual.  Just so that you don't think I've fallen a sleep I thought I would let you have a little sneaky peek at what I'm working on at the moment -

Such a cute bear - and he's not finished yet.  The completed version and pattern will follow soon.


  1. Hello again!

    Looks like both of us have been missing in action.

    The bear looks great so far


  2. Hi. The bear looks it easy?I amnot very good on reading patterns,but i really love to make one for a little boy ho is
    Coming in our life soon.

    1. I would suggest that some experience of reading patterns and constructing crochet animals would be useful but the crocheting itself is straightforward.


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