Monday 2 January 2012

I Remembered the Camera

On my early morning walks I occasionally wander down to the beach.  It's not a very exciting beach - no cliffs or rock pools - just lots and lots of sand - and of course the Iron Men. 

Inevitably I always think when I'm at the beach - I should have brought the camera with me!

Yesterday was just such a morning. The beach was almost deserted - just me, one dog-walker and the iron men.  It was a beautiful misty morning - so peaceful.  

So this morning I made sure I had my camera with me.  The lovely peacefulness of yesterday was gone - it was freezing cold with a very strong wind off the sea - but I did take some photos. 

This next one is looking south to the docks of Liverpool - you can see the Liver Building between the 2nd and 3rd wind turbines from the right. 

I didn't stay long on the beach - even the gulls were struggling with the wind - but at least I remembered the camera. 


  1. These pictures look really good but it is rather windy at the moment - I need to sort out showing off my holiday pictures :D x

  2. Hi, The Iron Men are an installation of statues by Antony Gormley on Crosby Beach near Liverpool. The installation is actually called 'Another Place' but more usually referred to as the Iron men. There were originally 100 of them facing out to sea, many are completely submerged at high tide, spread out over about 2 miles of beach. Some of the Iron Men have beem relocated at other places. When we were in New York in 2010 we saw some of them there.
    It's quite a moving sight seeing lots of identical figures on the beach all staring thoughtfully out to 'another place' especially on a bleak winter's morning.


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