Saturday 15 August 2015

Bold, Busy, Bright Block-a-month Blanket

Hurray!  It's finished!  My Block-a-month blanket.

My bold, bright and very busy blanket.

It certainly is colourful.  It has been fun trying to place the squares, in the end I decided it didn't really matter where they were placed, so I just got on and sewed them up.

I did a simple border of lemon then lipstick to.complete it.  I think the lipstick helps to bring it all together.

It has a certain jolliness about it that will make it a lovely blanket to snuggle under in the Winter.

Despite cutting the project short, the blanket is still a generous 52 inches square.  You can see full details of yarn colours and amounts used on my Ravelry page, here.

It's good to get that project out of the way, it was starting to become a bit of a chore.  I still have another CAL (the Circles of the Sun cushion cover) and a KAL (the Dancing Bees shawl) on the go.  They should both be completed by the end of the month.  I'm then looking forward to starting some new projects - I can't believe how disciplined I'm being at the moment.  Although, there are a few other CALs I have my eye on but I'm trying not to be tempted to start them yet.  For now I'm concentrating on catching up with the shawl knit-a-long whilst watching the golf in the evenings.  Hope you're having a good weekend.  Bye for now.


  1. Such a pretty blanket its fabulous x

  2. Beautiful. You did a very nice job on it.

  3. Bright, Beautiful and Brilliant!
    Hugs to you Janet,

  4. It is beautiful, well done.

  5. I love things that keep your eye occupied, this is a lot of fun to look at! Great job!!!

  6. Wow - stunning blanket - as you say it will brighten up a winter's day. Some of those squares are so intricate and detailed - it's a work of art:) Well done on resisting new projects, I try to have no more than 5 on the go and 5 in my queue - doesn't always work. x

  7. WOW!!! It is fantastic!!! I love it!!! You made it up so quickly too!! It will be lovely for winter snuggling as the summery cheery colours will surely bring some sunshine during the winter. It would be great too for cool summer evenings in the garden I imagine with the flowery look it has! Hope that you enjoy your next projects and other CAL's. Brilliant blanket!!! xx

  8. Now that is some blanket, I love the finish. The perfect blanket for snuggling in during the winter months bringing some summer brightness, stunning!

  9. What a bonny blanket Janet!
    Will bring a splash of vibrant colour all year round!
    Great place to that you are still happy to complete!

  10. Your blanket is so pretty. Some of those big squares must have been such a lot of work.

  11. It's beautiful! I love it what a lovely blanket, something to be proud of. :) xx


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