Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I've Chosen the Colours

I'm at that exciting point in a project when the end is in sight.  My Black tweedy aran cardigan is almost complete - I'm on the last sleeve.  I should be wearing it in a day or two.

Which means I can legitimately start planning the next project I want to work on.  And it's going to be another cushion cover for the floor cushions.  One has already been made and I need to get the other one done to complete the set.  Has it really taken me since August last year to get round to making this?

I've chosen the colours I want to use.

Now all I have to do, is finish knitting the cardigan and then I can start to crochet.

It's tempting to crochet one square - just to get going - but I'm being disciplined as part of my being organised year, so - put the crochet hook down and continue with the sleeve - you know it makes sense!


  1. I am sticking to one project at a time at the moment, but I don't think it will last some projects are not as portable as others and you need better light etc. Its easy to talk yourself into another project and then another.

  2. The colours are lovely. I covered a old fluffly square cusuion and made a knitted square cover to go over the top and pushed it into a circle.

  3. I have waaaaaaayyyyy more discipline then I do!!!! I totally would have made that one square and then some. Which is why I have a crazy number of project bags lol

  4. Have you done that square yet, ha ha. I would have! Another you knit quick !


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