Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Goodies Making Review

Here's a quick review of some of the goodies I made for Christmas -

1.  The hand made Christmas cards.

2.  Little gift bags for the hand made goodies.

3.  Knitted mini stockings.  I used them to hold the cutlery for each place setting at the dining table.  I used the free pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits.

4.  Recipe books - I bought plain notebooks and decorated them, then wrote out favourite recipes for the girls.

5.  A knitted sweater for Grace.  The pattern is called Lewiston and it's by Martin Storey.  You can see details of this project on my Ravelry page, here.

6.  A knitted boyfriend cardigan for Eve.  I made this same cardigan for her back in 2009.  It's been a favourite and she's worn it so much.  A replacement was called for and now this one is getting plenty of wear - no better way to show your apprecaition for  a hand-knited garment than to wear it out!  The pattern is called Frankie and it is by Kim Hargreaves.  Details of project, here.

7.  The man in my life loves his bananas!  So two cosies to protect them when on the move seems like the perfect gift.  The pattern is a freebie, available here.

8.  Bedpost toppers as already shared with you, here.

I have two other projects that, assuming you are willing, I will share with you.  I feel that they deserve a bit more time and space to explain so they will get a post each (how indulgent!)  See you again soon.


  1. The sweaters look sooooooo comfy!!!! I wanna see the other two projects!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy. Amazed at how much you get done. I bet your daughters were delighted with their gifts. I have knitted those little stockings a few years ago. I also like the banana covers, and may have a go at them.


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