Thursday 27 November 2014


Why am I making toadstools?  I have no idea - it's just something I suddenly felt like making.

A sudden urge swept over me and there I was with my first toadstool.

But you can't have just one toadstool, so I made another two - three toadstools is about the right amount.  I shouldn't make any more for the time being - they are very definitely a distraction.

But they look so cute.

I think I'll attach some thread and hang them from the Christmas tree - then I can justify the distraction!


  1. So cute. Now all you need are smurfs :)

  2. I love the little doors and windows. They will make lovely Christmas decorations.

  3. Lovely distraction, they will look magical hung from the Christmas tree.

  4. They are fab, do you have a pattern you can share please?

    1. Hi Sheila, so glad you like them. I'll write out a pattern and post it in the next few days.

  5. That will be lovely Janet, thanks so much


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