Friday 6 June 2014

Kate - Fair Isle Cardigan - Finished

So here it is.

I've called this pattern Kate - for no particular reason other than that was the name that came to me when I was deciding what to call this cardigan.

It is a remodelled version of the blue Fair Isle cardigan I made, here.  I've adjusted the sleeves, making them slightly wider in the arms and reduced the volume of the sleeve head.  I've also raised the neckline and made it slightly narrower.  Other than the change in colours from the original blues, it's the same pattern.

It still has a lovely 1940s, vintage feel but this colour scheme is more vibrant.

Here's the original colour scheme, which as you can see is more muted.

I've really enjoyed knitting this pattern - both times!  There is such variety in the patterns and they make an interesting combination.

Details of this pattern can be found over on Ravelry, here.

The pattern is of course free and you can download the PDF here.

I hope you enjoy the pattern.


  1. Lovely, I don't have the patience or concentration for fairisle. Used to do it on my knitting machine though

    1. Yes, it does require a lot of concentration but worth it in the end. I'm planning something a little less demanding as my next project.

  2. I can't knit beyond the basic required for a simple scarf or hat but I truly admire those who can. I love the intricate design in this sweater. It's beautiful. My craft is crochet but prefer the look and drape of knit for clothing.

  3. It's a lovely cardigan. As a new knitter, I aspire to knit as well as you.

  4. What a wonderful cardigan! I love the fair isle design - and the colours are just lovely. Great knitting. Best wishes.


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