Thursday 15 May 2014

Reworking the Fair Isle Cardigan

I have received such lovely messages here and on Ravelry for my Fair Isle cardigan.

This has inspired me to reknit the pattern so that I can iron out the little niggles that made it not quite as I wanted it.  I will then feel comfortable publishing the pattern.

I've chosen a slightly different colour palette - using yarn from my existing stash.  It's Rowan Fine Tweed, which I love - although I've noticed the price of a ball seems to have shot up over the last year or so!

I'll be starting this later today and I can't wait to get the ribbing out of the way so I can start on the Fair Isle pattern.  Although I plan the colour combinations carefully, I can never be sure how they will look when knitted up into a full size garment - part of the fun of Fair Isle knitting.

I've also recently treated myself to some Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight yarn.

I'm relatively new to this Shetland wool but I'm loving knitting with it.  Far more reasonably priced than the Rowan wool - I'm busy building up my stash of this yarn.

I'm planning a lacy knit cardigan with the darker purple and a Fair Isle panelled cardigan with the rest - although by the time I get round to knitting this wool up, I may have changed my ideas.

I have more ideas than I have time to knit - so what's new!

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  1. I am in awe of your knitting a SECOND Fair Isle cardi when I feel I have done something major by cricheting a pair of fingerless mitts. And I know you have done many others; I have been following your blog for several years. As the old saying goes, "You go, girl!"


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