Thursday 17 November 2011

The Twelve Knits of Christmas Part 1

So much to do to get ready for Christmas - I said last year (I say it every year) that I would be more organised this year but with one thing and another it hasn't happened.  So I have my usual situation of over ambitious plans and a shortage of time!

Anyway - I am making progress on my Twelve Knits of Christmas - I have completed the first four items - admittedly they are the easiest and quickest to make but at least it's progress. 

So we have a partridge (not in a pear tree!)...

A turtle dove....

A french hen...

And a calling bird...

They are fun to make and easy patterns to follow.  The book is called the Twelve Knits of Christmas and it's by Fiona Goble. 

Five gold rings will be very quick but the milk maid, piper and drummer are going to slow me down!


  1. They are adorable. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Love them! I'm a crocheter, and I just bought a little book with crochet and knit patterns for cute critters. I'm hoping I can "get it" and be able to knit.

  3. Oh! I love this family, really cute!


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