Monday 26 September 2016

Yarndale 2016

I think I've finally recovered from my hangover.  I've been bingeing on yarn at Yarndale and it's taken me a few days to get back to normal.  We had a fabulous time at the festival.  It was just as busy as last year and so many lovely stands.  Everywhere you turned there was yarn.  It was heavenly.

Having dieted for so long, it was wonderful to just go and overindulge.  I largely kept to the wish list I had made before we set off but I did slip in quite a few treats.  So here's my collection of loveliness.

Isn't it wonderful.  I didn't spend as much as last year but I feel I spent my money more wisely this year.

Grace went with me again and this is her collection.

I bought some gorgeous skeins for shawls.

I love the colours and patterns of the Cuddlebums yarn, on the left.

This pretty sock yarn had to come home with me.

I also bought this lovely British Wool DK weight yarn for a cardigan.

The yarn colour is called turquoise but it actually looks greener than in the above photo.

I topped up my purchases with other bits and pieces that I can use in Fair Isle and I also bought an undyed skein of yarn that I want to dye up myself, which should be fun.

At Yarndale we met up with Instagram friends for a picnic.  The weather was a bit cool and there was no sign of the sun, but the meet up was fun so that was all that mattered.

I received lots of lovely compliments on my Lily the Pink cardigan which was very pleasing.

So now I'm going to be working my way through my haul.  Plenty to keep me quiet for a long time to come.  I'll also still be busting the stash I already had - that's an ongoing mission.  The day after we got back from Yarndale, I finished this shawl.

It was knitted with the last of the untouched yarn that was bought at Yarndale last year.  I love the colours in the yarn, so I'm currently using the leftovers to make some fingerless mittens.  Details of the shawl project can be found on Ravelry, here.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and if you were at Yarndale, I hope that you managed to bag yourself some loveliness as well.


  1. What a gorgeous yarn haul, and I too love your Lily The Pink cardigan, so pretty.

  2. Yay for a fabulous day out for you, some beautiful purchases, and a wonderful finish on your lovely shawl! That is a yay all round I think. xx

  3. I have to admit I am super jealous of your haul! It looks like it needs to be dived into, Scrooge McDuck style.

    1. Oh yes, I'm diving in and splashing about in it. Now to start knitting with it.

  4. Sounds great Janet I really was sad that I couldn't go this year, l love all your yummy new yarn I bet you don't know where to start. Your shawl is beautiful! :) xx

    1. Thank you Linda. Hopefully you'll be able to go next year. With all this yarn, it is surprisingly stressful deciding what to cast on first. I may ignore it for a while and come back to it when I've calmed down a bit.

  5. What impressive hauls, both of you selected some great looking yarn. I love the shawl Janet what a wonderful creation in such a stunning colour, beautiful for the season.

  6. The shawl and cardigan are lovely! And I look forward to seeing what your purchases become :-)

    1. Thank you Helena. I'm already making plans for it all.

  7. Janet your yarn purchases are wonderful. You deserved each and every wonderful skein.
    Hugs to you,

  8. I am loving your cardigan and special projects, just looking around. Your purchases are going to make Fabulous projects. That shawl is gorgeous! My mom does knit and crochet. I don't have that skill set, but I am enjoy yours. I would love if you shared this at our link party every Sunday, Dishing It & Digging It @ 4:00 EST.


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